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All Artworks on this site are copyrighted by dStanderwick 2007

"Trumpeter's Duet"
See "1" below 
18"x 24"

"Striking Eagle"
22x22" approx.

"Face Off"
See "3" below
12"x 24" apprx

"Whistlers' Fly-By"
See "2" below
14"x 18"

"Screamin' Eagle"
19 x 22" approx
Watercolor/ Charcoal

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1.  These swans, Koog , a Whistler aka Tundra swan, and Tina, aTrumpeter, were birds in a sanctuary in Juneau, AK.  They had become mates but never had goslings.  One day Koog was taken away to another sanctuary. Tina pined for him and would have nothing to do with the other swans in the refuge.  One day a small plane flew near the sanctuary which they did daily. Tina began honking and flapping her wings wildly.  Later that day Koog was returned to her. He was in the airplane.  Later on Koog and Tina produced an offspring which has been called a gosling. There is a painting of them all together here, too. Tina is in the background in this painting but is actually, being a Trumpeter, larger than Koog. This is shown in the "Family Portrait" painted for the owners of the sancturary.

2.  This painting was entered and excepted in a juried show jurored by famous artist, John Pitcher.  It has been in the artist's private collection. These swans are over Gastineau Channel in Juneau, AK
3.  One day while canoeing on Ragged Lake in ALgonquin Provincial, we came upon this event.  Mrs. Merganser, as we have always called her, was fierce in protecting her ducklings.  She won the face-off.