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A biographical synopsis, statement and resume' 
Brief Synopsis
dStanderwick began her career as an artist in Alaska where she lived for 29 years prior to moving to Port Angeles. In Alaska she owned her own gallery and frame shop, "The Laughing Loon".

To describe her style, Standerwick coined the term "Interpretive Realism". Primarily self taught, she works in oils, various water media, sculpture, and graphic art and focuses on a variety of subject matter. She selects the media according to the subject and her feelings about it. She works both in studio and en plein air.

She has been awarded grants and won many local, national, and international awards, among them the International Society of Artists Winter Snow Painting award, work in a juried exhibit sent to Vladivostok, Russia, and Alaska State Council on the Arts grants. Her work is in private collections throughout the US, Canada, and many other foreign countries. She has executed many commissions, public and private. She was a member of the National Society of Mural Painters, a signature member of the Alaska Watercolor Society and other professional organizations. She is an active participant in other art related organizations and activities. Standerwick does painting demonstrations/lectures and gives workshops.

She works from life, sketches and her own photos. Photos are helpful especially when painting en plein aire to record the light patterns.

"Growth as an artist is important, hence any media and subjects are fair game. I enjoy the serendipity and unpredictability of water media, and, at other times, the obedience and predictability of oil media. I believes there is no right or wrong in the expressive presentation of art works, but expects top quality materials and workmanship.  Anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can learn to paint."

Artist's Statement:

Though most of my work is done in watercolor or oils, I work in many media. This comes partly from my belief that as an artist I must constantly seek growth or stagnate. To continue to grow, I must be constantly aware of the earth and man's imprint; have serendipity; be alert for new ideas, techniques and subjects; have a willingness and determination to seek out new personal experiences and expressions - discarding some and retaining others. An artist must continually search and strive for steady growth. For me sales and recognition are frosting on the cake

I have definite environmental, social and political opinions, but painting for me is not usually a means to express them. I paint because I like to and hope to share some of that pleasure with the viewer. I believe that a work of art stimulates a personal reaction for each individual based on their background, history and experiences; hence, I believe there is no right or wrong, good or bad in the expressive presentation of a subject. I do expect quality materials. I paint any subject that interests or pleases ME: people, flowers, buildings, seascapes, animals, etc.

I call my style "Interpretive Realism." It is neither abstract nor photographic. Both the subject matter and the fact that it has been painted can be easily determined.

I work with the medium that, from my point of view, best suits the subject and the feeling that I want to create," she says. ' I have a working partnership with watercolor were as I "boss" the other media. I call my style "Interpretive Realism". The subject is recognizable but it isn't mistaken for a photograph.'

The fluidity and accidental nature of watercolor is especially suited to the misty, fast changing atmosphere of S.E. Alaska, the Olympic Peninsula and other coastal areas. It offers me a choice to control or not control the medium. I especially enjoy the need to work swiftly and capture the essence of a fast changing subject in a short time. I respond to the challenge of expressing the rugged, sometimes harsh nature of Alaska and the Olympic Peninsula with this "soft" medium. One can have a working partnership with watercolors

Oils fill a need to sometimes work more slowly and deliberately with some subjects and ideas. The other mediums provide a change of pace and a fresh look at familiar subjects.

Working from life, notes and sketches, and or my photos, I almost always do a thumbnail sketch and sometimes do preliminary drawing on the canvas or paper. I carry a postcard size sketchbook with me most of the time and keep my camera handy for reference photos that aid in recalling a particular mood, color or light effect.




Port Angeles, WA 98362


Media: oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pen & ink, alkyd, graphic art, carving,                 sculpture, silk painting,

Book binding, writing/illustration

Gallery Affiliations: Manchester Gallery, Port Orchard, WA; Waterfront Art Gallery, Port Angeles, WA

Education: University of Maine, '59, Additional college level courses

            Primarily self taught; Various workshops with well known artists i.e. Szabo, Betts, Quiller, Bateman

Teaching: Seniors Making Art: 2005 -

             Laughing Loon Classes, workshops, public lecture/demonstrations,

Substitute in Sitka/Juneau public schools

Artist in Residence for Alaska State Arts Council

Selected Exhibits:*

            Collective Visions Gallery 1st Annual Juried Show 2008

Solo Exhibit Cross Timbers Arts Council Gallery, Texas, 2007

            Sequim Arts annual Juried Exhibit 2007

Sequim Museum & Arts Center 2005, 2004 

            Capitol City Juried Exhibit 2006

            Jefferson Arts Alliance Juried Show 2004, 3 pieces

Clallam Art League Senior Show

Clallam Art League Miniature Show 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 award

Sequim Arts Juried Shows 1991-

Parklane Gallery Miniature Show juried 1994; PEO, Juneau Invitational, 1990;

Juneau /Vladivostok Art Bridge 1990, juried; Sequim Arts Juried Art Show 1990 -94;

Artabon, Juneau Audubon Juried Exhibit, 1985 thru '89;

 Alaska Watercolor, juried, 1981, '82

 International Platform Association Exhibit, Washington, D.C., 1982

 BACA All-Alaska Juried Exhibit, 1977 - '82; Anchorage Audubon Juried Exhibit, 1980

 National League of American Pen Women, juried, Wash., D.C., 1980

 Various juried, invitational and group shows

  Numerous solo exhibits

Selected Credits:*

Stations of the Cross, Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas,

            Australian Alaskan Malamute Annual 1999– Story/Illustrations

Madonna and Child, St Luke's Boar's Head Festival, 1997

Mural at St. Luke's Day Care, 1997

Alaskan Malamute Quarterley Cover Illustration; Summer-1991

Sitka Jay Cee's "Big Alaska Coloring Book"

Grandma's Farmhouse Restaurant Commission, '89

State of Alaska Central Correspondence Studies - Text book illustrations - 1988

Central Correspondence Studies illustration comm. - 1987

Fred Bahovec Memoirs, Illustrations, published Ljubianca Univ., Ljubianca, Yugoslavia - 1987

Stained Glass window designs and hand carved sign, St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church

Sheldon Jackson College Tlingit Language Text Illustrations

National Society of Mural Painters "Momentous Events in American History"

Phase I, 1976; Phase II, 1981; Phase III, 1982

Stations of the Cross, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Sitka, AK 

Sitka Raptor Center Decorative Exterior Panels, 1976 (formerly U of A at Sitka, AK)

Works in collections throughout U.S., Canada and other foreign countries. Numerous commissions.

Selected Awards/Grants:

            Clallam Art League Senior Show, People’s Choice   2004

Artist In Residence Grant, Pelican Alaska/Alaska State Council on the Arts

Alaska State Council on the Arts grant awards;  Juneau Arts and Humanities grant award;  Alaska Airlines Travel Grant;

Alaska Native Plant Society Contest - Limited Edition Print, 1985,'86,'87

International Society of Artists' Winter Snow Painting Award, 1979

Selected Biographical Inclusions since 1980:

            Cambridge Who’s Who 2007

 American Artist’s of Renown,

Who’s Who of American Artists

 Academy del’Oro -Italy

Professional Memberships:

Sequim Arts

Clallam Art League

Alaska Watercolor Society, signature member, 1978 - 1992

National Society of Mural Painters, 1984

 National League of American Pen Women, 1975


Teaching, Seniors Making Art

Semi Annual Workshop / Retreat 1998-2004

SEAVAA Public Arts Committee, 1984;  Alaskan Arts & Crafts Inc., past pres.

Ketchikan Arts & Crafts, past sec.;  Baranof Arts & Crafts, past pres.

Sitka Cultural Facilities Development Committee, 1974 - '81, Spokesman to

        public, BACA rep.

Sitka Fine Arts Camp Spokesman to public, fund raising, 1974, '75

National League of American Pen Women, past branch pres., past state pres.

St. Peter"s by-the Sea: Restoration Committee, Chair, 1982 - '83; Vestry, 1980 - '82

Museum Feasibility, chair, 1982 - '83; Altar Guild 1976 - '83

Alaska State Museum volunteer, 1972

Activities: Teaches classes, workshops, and gives public lecture demonstrations,

            Semi Annual Workshop / Retreat 1998-2004

  Special Projects:             Olympic Theater Arts Fund Raiser Bench 2008             Opening Doors Low Cost Housing fund raiser door 2006

*Complete resume’ available by request


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